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2015 – The year that was
When companies write reviews of the year just passed, they are usually just a list of successes. While I get that they are hardly likely to publicize a list of all the stuff they messed up, it ...
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Help Shape CPD Best Practice Guidance

There are just a few day’s left to take part in the PARN CPD Survey. PARN want to look at what different professional bodies are doing in terms of CPD and use their findings to give best practice guidance ...

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You'll never manage change effectively if you can't talk about failure
This guest blog post has been provided by author Anna Faherty.
Change is a 'norm' of organisational life, yet something people often struggle to manage effectivel...
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What I learnt at ‘Beyond Click Next’ eLearning Network conference
Last week we visited the eLearning Network conference, ‘Beyond Click Next’. The event was exactly what we wanted it to be, which was engaging and ...
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How do you encourage people to complete their CPD?
At the recent CPD Forum meeting, I found myself reflecting, appropriately enough. The questions that had been raised was "What methods did people have for encouraging people to complete their CPD.” A ...
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Money laundering - the fight goes on - doesn't it?
Thanks to author John Taylor for this blog on money laundering...
There are two key issues in the fight to combat money laundering and corruption - which go hand in hand.
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ELearning Awards 2015
The judging process for the elearning awards is now complete and I was lucky enough be a judge in two of the categories. This is something I have done for several years now and it is a fantastic ...
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Just One Bad Apple(s)

Written by one of our course authors, John Burbidge-King, this post discusses the hot topic of bribery and corruption...

A year ago most consumers would have fully trusted two ...

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How do you know if your CPD policy is good?
Continuing professional development (CPD) plays a key role in ensuring professionals maintain and develop their skills throughout their careers. It is also considered vital in one’s actual career ...
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Are you a professional sceptic?
In the accounting world finance professionals, and in particular auditors, and are being asked to demonstrate professional scepticism. With more assumptions being made and opinions sort, finance ...
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Hear ye! Eight tips to boost your listening skills
This post has been written by Anna Faherty, the author of a new course we've just published on communication and how you can harness it for professional success.
Dr John Ball describ...
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The first five steps of negotiation
As with most things in business, preparation is key; a well planned negotiation can increases your confidence and your chance of success. However, negotiation is a scary prospect for many ...
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IPSAS - Something to be proud of
I know I have written a few times recently about International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) but it is an important subject and a major project.
Posted 15-Aug-2015 at 15:02
The tricky issue of bribery & corruption

‘giving or receiving a financial or other advantage in connection with the "improper performance" of a position of trust, or a function that is expected to be performed impartially ...

Posted 01-Aug-2015 at 15:32
Making IPSAS easy to understand

Our friends at IFAC have just released this excellent video about IPSAS, which clearly explains the issue and why public sector finance professionals around the world should be thinking 'IPSAS'.

Watch ...

Posted 14-Jul-2015 at 16:13
Can IPSAS Save Greece?

Welcome news recently that the Greek government has pledged to implement IPSAS. In a speech entitled "

Get CPD motivated and still enjoy your summer

What things would you rather be doing with your summer than CPD?

It can be difficult to persuade yourself to spend time completing your professional development but it can also be stressful ...

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Making the move to CPD self-certification

Back in 2011 I wrote about the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) last change to their CPD rules, which was the first for 26 years. Back then the change was large - a complete overhaul of the ...

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Simple is good. ...

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When surveys get it wrong

It still seems to be surprisingly rare for students in higher education to be served up a really good range of online resources. Certainly a

Bringing our expertise to diabetes

Back in the office today after a trip to Brussels to scope a new course on diabetes we are developing for the International Diabetes Federation. We are not new to diabetes. In fact our most widely ...

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IPSAS Academy takes off!

The Certified Accountants and Auditors of Belarus have just become the latest organisation and country to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CPA Ireland to deliver the CPA Certificate ...

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New FRS courses to help smooth the transition
The new GAAP has now come into force and everyone in the UK and Ireland is having to decide which framework to adopt. But what exactly does that mean for the professionals working with it? Last ...
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Thinking of adopting e-learning?
I recently took part in the Associations Network #AskAssns hour on Twitter, which this month focused on CPD. One of the questions ...
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Helping the world adopt IPSAS

International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) are a set of accrual based accounting standards which aim to improve the quality of public sector financial reporting, leading to better informed ...

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Increasing an accountant's project management agility

Staying up to date with new thinking is important to's success, which is why our publishing team hunt out the best authors and the hot topics to develop ...

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2014 for

Every year when accountants are required to set goals and meet their own professional targets, we think it's important that they're not only getting verifiable hours from us but that their CPD will ...

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Home grown CPD in Genoa

Inspired by the burgeoning sales of the Nelson Croom CPD courses I started some CPD myself: learning Italian from scratch a couple of years ago. My French is still quite good after VSO in Algeria 50 ...

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Being a mindful learner: paying attention

As a learner whether you're sitting an exam, reading material or taking an online course do you ever find yourself drifting off? When taking an online course have you wandered to another site, or ...

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Partnerships take us to Rome

The publishing side of our business is really quite simple: we think of topics for courses that people might find useful, we find someone who knows a lot about that topic and seems to have a talent ...

Posted 24-Oct-2014 at 10:36
New course: Preventing Financial Crime

Last month,'s author John Taylor wrote us a course,

What to expect when I chair at the Associations Technology Congress

July 2nd and 3rd is this year’s Associations Technology Congress ...

Posted 20-Jun-2014 at 14:47
New courses for homelessness charity Shelter

Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, already have a portfolio of online courses with us that they offer professionals ...

Posted 11-Jun-2014 at 14:35
New Partnership with ICSA
We have recently embarked on a relationship with ICSA, who are now selling some of our portfolio courses to their members.

ICSA is the chartered membership and qualifying body for people working ...

Posted 02-Jun-2014 at 11:43
Revised Course on Employment Law for Managers
Our course Employment Law for Managers has been updated and refreshed to take into account recent legislation changes about flexible working and flexible parental leave.

The key update that ...

Posted 28-May-2014 at 10:35
New Course: Automatic Enrolment

Earlier this year we commissioned a new author, Rob Weaver, to write us a course for on Automatic Enrolment for Accountants. ...

Posted 22-May-2014 at 10:37
Shift in demand for professional qualifications: the economist's view

The qualification landscape is in flux, delivery methods are changing and the demand for alternative routes into the professions has never been greater. This presents a massive opportunity for those ...

Posted 20-May-2014 at 10:16
New Courses: UK GAAP

We have recently published three new courses on designed to help accountants transition to January 2015’s new UK and Ireland GAAP standards. Author

Perennial favourites still top the list

2013-14 looks set to be a record year for sales of our extensive range of CPD courses. We now have full sales figures from all our partners for the first three quarters of our financial year and ...

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New course: Intellectual Property and New Ideas

We have just published a new course entitled Intellectual Property and New Ideas, written by Rob Lucas who is recognised as an eminent expert in intellectual property (IP) development and commercialisation. ...

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New course: Developing your professional career

This year we were delighted to commission a new author, Marie Taylor, to write a course on Developing your Professional Career. Marie is a writer, speaker, a qualified transformational coach and facilitator ...

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New partnership with The Malaysian Instititute of Accountants

We are delighted to be working with a new partner in Asia. The Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) are working with us to deliver a portfolio of online accounting and finance courses to their ...

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Supporting Innovation - the advisor’s role

I have attended a couple of events recently that have made me think about the way that professional advisors relate to their SME clients: an ACCA round-table event on Board attitudes to risk, where ...

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Updated course on Advanced Negotiation

We have just reviewed and revised our popular course on Advanced Negotiation. Being able to negotiate well continues to be a hot topic, which is why this course remains on our bestselling list. The ...

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Eight ways to get online learners talking
Here at Nelson Croom we strongly believe that online learning is much more effective when it is peer enriched. So our approach focuses on enabling groups of learners to benefit from the experience ...
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New course on Alternative Finance
Alternative finance is a hot topic. Crowdfunding, or peer-to-peer finance, has emerged since the financial crisis to offer alternative sources of funding to small businesses and it is an interesting ...
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Launch of new course on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship is all about creating and exploiting business opportunities. Have you ever wondered whether you'd be good at it?
In her latest course published this we...
Posted 29-Oct-2013 at 16:27
Top 10 things to look for in CPD
I am frequently asked what makes good CPD and so I have come up with a list of what I consider to be the top 10 things to look for in CPD. My experience is in producing online CPD, and the list ...
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Launch of new online CPD course on Financial Control in SMEs
Nelson Croom's newest online CPD course, Financial Control in SMEs, is now available for our partners to offer to their learners and through
Top 10 ways to … engage learners online
At the heart of all E-Learning is the ability of the course to engage learners and as an online learning developer it is my job to ensure that all Nelson Croom courses do just this. It isn’t always ...
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Double success on the E-Learning Awards shortlist
Once again I am delighted that we have been shortlisted in both the categories we entered in this year's E-Learning ...
Writing effective online content
A lot of my time at Nelson Croom is spent working with existing CPD or training materials and adapting them so they work effectively in an online context. Sometimes, though, I'll work with clients ...
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Website design tips
Your website homepage is crucial in creating first impressions. Think about the advertising material you receive, or if you were deciding which bicycle or car to buy. If it doesn't look good initially, ...
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Update of Business Performance Management
Robin Tidd's course on Business Performance Management has been on our bestseller list since it was published in 2006.  For this reason it is the latest course to be reviewed and revised. The ...
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Nelson Croom to feature at MemberWise 'Game Changer' web conference
Nelson Croom are pleased to be part of MemberWise's second national web-focused conference, Harnessing the Web 2013. The conference will help membership organisations address critical web-based ...
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A new initiative with the Institute of Physics
We have been working with the Institute of Physics for many years, providing their members with online learning. Members ...
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New online CPD course on Managing Change and Transformation
This week Nelson Croom launched our latest online CPD course, Managing Change and Transformation.
Written by Anna Faherty, who also authored Communicating Complex Ideas, International and...
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Whatever the medium, it's the interaction that's important
I was privileged to chair the e-learning stream at last week's Associations Technology Congress. It was a great day with lots of animated discussion, sharing and engagement. I came away with lots ...
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Our Data Protection course has been revised
Our course on Data Protection is a popular one. One of the reasons for this is that it is an ever evolving area with issues around data protection, and the corresponding regulations, being constantly ...
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Associations Technology Congress this Wednesday
I'm looking forward to Associations Technology Congress on Wednesday. I'll be chairing one of three streams on Developing ...
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Learning on the job
This is definitely something I have said before ... but we all have a hobby horse right? Luckily mine ties in nicely with my working role as an online editor here at Nelson Croom.
Just lately I have bee...
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New online CPD course on Ethical Compliance
Ethical compliance is not simply a trend; it is good business and management sense and encouraging ethical compliance helps to improve organisational performance. With this in mind it is great to ...
Posted 27-Jun-2013 at 16:43
Sometimes knowledge doesn't equal power
Although we gather an enormous amount of data about learners' activity, sometimes it leaves us just as impotent as we were before. I have often been struck by the fact the strength with which people ...
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Selling courses to your learners
We have worked with One Plus One for a number of years and together have created award winning online learning to help health professionals support couples with relationship issues.
A New Definition of Professionalism?
We have been having a loft conversion. That may be a small sentence to write but those of you who had had major work done will know that it is a major disruption and the relationship you form with ...
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New online CPD course on Outsourcing
Nelson Croom have just launched a new online CPD course, Outsourcing. The course is written by new author, Alan Lewin. Alan writes on and teaches a range of accounting related topics as well as being ...
Posted 21-May-2013 at 11:06
eLearning Network 'Marketing your elearning project' event
On Friday, Nelson Croom attended the eLearning Network's 'Marketing your elearning project' event. The event was a resounding success and stimulated lively debate from the packed audience. The event ...
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Do we have too much data?
I was recently struck by a blog on an eConsultancy report, about when is the best time to send emails for marketing purposes. We're always looking to increase our response rates for our course ...
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Marketing lessons from the Campaign Trail
I have spent the last few weeks as the clip board man, canvassing with a Lib Dem candidate in the Somerset county council elections. My man, Adam Dance, is 20; the sitting Tory councillor is 77.
A striking feature ...
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Positive feedback from learners
It is that time again when I compile responses to our end of course questionnaire. We share these responses with all of our partners and we use the feedback when we build new courses.
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Partnering with Fundraising Institute Australia
We have recently partnered with an organisation in Australia who is soon to be offering a selection of courses from our portfolio to their members.  Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) is ...
Posted 19-Apr-2013 at 15:23 [Comments: 2]
Choosing the best image file format for webpages
The most common image formats are GIF, JPEG and PNG because these files can be optimised and compressed for the web. Let's have a look at the benefits of each.
The GIF format is good for uncomplicat...
Posted 17-Apr-2013 at 09:21 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 5]
The easier you make it, the more they will learn
One thing I find myself coming back to time and again, no matter what I am doing is the idea that if you 'make it as easy as possible' then it will be more successful. It's become a bit of a professional ...
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Bringing high quality, online CPD to all accountants
In September 2010 Nelson Croom launched with the aim to 'create a real community and network for accountants with genuinely engaging courses which impart knowledge and develop ...
Posted 28-Mar-2013 at 15:38 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 1]
Is e-learning truly flexible?
Much is spouted about the flexibility of e-learning and how it allows people to learn anywhere and at any time. I have always advocated that this is indeed one of the appealing things about e-learning; ...
Posted 25-Mar-2013 at 12:12 [Liked: 1]
Launch of Anti-Money Laundering
Nelson Croom has launched a new course on Anti-Money Laundering. The course will introduce your learners to the concept of 'money laundering' and how it works. They will ...
Posted 22-Mar-2013 at 10:00 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 3]
Marketing the experience - practice as we preach
Yesterday an accountant in Africa sent through a message using our feedback button to say how impressed he was with our online CPD courses. He said he thought the service would be particularly ...
Posted 18-Mar-2013 at 15:17 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 2]
e.learning age writes about our award win
e.learning age has, this month, published an article on our gold award win at the 2012 E-Learning Awards, in the category of 'Excellence in the production of learning content - not for profit sector'. ...
Posted 14-Mar-2013 at 09:57 [Liked: 3]
Patient Opinion - a new project designed to bring about improvements across the health service
We've recently been working on a new project for an organisation called Patient Opinion. Patient Opinion is an organisation committed to using patient stories to bring about service improvement in ...
Posted 13-Mar-2013 at 11:23 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 3]
The perils of stand-up training
I love the term "stand-up training" as it betrays the fact that the focus tends to be on the trainer, rather than on the learners (the "sit-downs", I guess?). Once the students are trapped in front ...
Posted 06-Mar-2013 at 10:35 [Comments: 3] [Liked: 3]
Divergent and convergent online activities
Do you prefer the detail or are you more of a big picture person? With e-learning, there isn't a trainer who can get to know the different personalities of the people in a training course in order ...
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Social Media - Challenge and Opportunity
Social media is a real challenge for professional bodies. They all agree that their members want to learn and share with each other - and that networking opportunities are a very important part ...
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Building websites to support your learners
As well as creating your online learning courses, we can also build you bespoke webpages and websites in Imago, our content management system. These may range from basic login pages with your branding ...
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Last minute learners
People learn best when they are engaged, interested and having fun. This was always true for me and it is clear, when I spend time with my young niece or watch my partner, who's a primary school ...
Posted 25-Feb-2013 at 13:58 [Liked: 3]
A new course launches in our health portfolio
We have published a new course that is available through Commissioning for Providers, written by Primary Care Commissioning (PCC), looks at what commissioning actually is, how it has ...
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Accounting CPD in the city of Rembrandt
Continuing my exploration of export markets I have just been on a day trip to Amsterdam to visit the NBA, the Dutch accountants' professional body.
They are keen to offer more online...
Posted 18-Feb-2013 at 15:48 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Reflection or is it just blogging?
I attended a CPD Forum event last week and as ever it gave me food for thought. There was a session on reflection and its importance in professional development.
Now there are whole s...
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An event not to be missed
I have written several times in the past about the importance of learning from your own experience rather than spending time and money on research that turns out to be of dubious relevance. But here's ...
Posted 12-Feb-2013 at 11:24 [Liked: 2]
The importance of the like feature
New research from GlobalWebIIndex shows that one of the most popular activities on social sites is clicking on 'Like' buttons. We now have like buttons switched on in various places within our ...
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Talking in codes
So I've been giving it some serious thought and I've finally decided on my favourite feature of the Imago system. You guessed it - the activation code generator.
You didn't guess it? ...
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Bereavement counselling: working with technical content
Some of the content that we work with is technical and what we bring to the table is the ability to edit it so that it speaks to the right audience and conveys clear messages to achieve set objectives. Clients ...
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Launch of new project with the Energy Institute
We have had our first meeting to kick off a new project with the Energy Institute (EI). The EI is the leading chartered professional membership body for the global energy sector and are looking ...
Posted 31-Jan-2013 at 10:47 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 3]
Partners Questionnaire Responses
After the Christmas break it was once again time for me to complete my quarterly review of the responses our learners give in the end of course questionnaires. Over the last quarter 164 learners ...
Posted 29-Jan-2013 at 09:43 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 5]
Bitesized Learning
An exciting new initiative is unfolding here at Nelson Croom.
We want to continue to give our learners flexibility and choice so we are creating a range of bitesized online learning t...
Posted 24-Jan-2013 at 15:34 [Comments: 4] [Liked: 8]
Understanding Imago
Imago, the web application Nelson Croom has developed, sits behind all of our courses and websites and is provided as a hosted solution. This means that this blog and any course any learner takes, ...
Posted 22-Jan-2013 at 11:40 [Comments: 3] [Liked: 5]
Online images – winners and losers
It's ironic: people are taking more photos and videos than ever before, but they seem to be buying less and less photographic equipment. A couple of months ago I bought myself a new camera body upgrade. ...
Posted 10-Jan-2013 at 15:22 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 10]
ACCA Benchmarkers - extreme personalisation
I recently attended a progress meeting on our ACCA benchmarker project. We are working with the Research and Insights team to take their research projects and bring them to life for members and ...
Posted 21-Dec-2012 at 11:05 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 10]
Working with engineers in New Zealand
As David ends his trip across South East Asia and Australia, our approach to CPD is making an impact more and more widely. Hot on the heels of the launch of white-labelled versions of our courses ...
Posted 20-Dec-2012 at 14:40 [Liked: 2]
Sydney and Melbourne: cities of egalitarian muscle
I have spent the final week of my Asia/Pacific expedition in Sydney and Melbourne. Prospects for new professional body partners look good in both cities, especially Melbourne. Online CPD is well ...
Posted 17-Dec-2012 at 10:40 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Recognition for our approach has now been helping accountants to achieve their CPD for over two years and is no longer the new kid on the block. Indeed we are now considering changing the name to "award winning ...
Posted 11-Dec-2012 at 15:23 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
E-Learning supports adults with autism to live fulfilling and rewarding lives
In 2010 the British Psychological Society (BPS) began work with Nelson Croom to develop e-learning modules to raise awareness of adult autism. In 2012 the project won the gold award for 'Excellence ...
Posted 10-Dec-2012 at 14:56 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 5]
Hong Kong Streets in the sky
Hong Kong, the third stage of my Asian trek, is richly endowed with accountants, at least 60,000. They have a remarkable appetite for qualifications. 'A collectors' market' as one well-placed observer ...
Posted 10-Dec-2012 at 13:07 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 1]
More great feedback from our learners
Every quarter I review all the course completion questionnaires completed by learners and analyse them to provide our partners with feedback and responses from their learners. It is a great exercise ...
Posted 07-Dec-2012 at 15:11 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Launch of Market Analysis for Accountants
We are delighted to have published a new course by bestselling author Peter Howson on Market Analysis for Accountants. The course is about creating a robust framework for carrying out market analysis. ...
Posted 05-Dec-2012 at 16:21 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Paying for CPD in Kuala Lumpur
I have completed the second leg of my SE Asia/Australian trip exploring the scope for accounting CPD. Last week I attended the Malaysian Institute of Accountants conference in Kuala Lumpur and ...
Posted 05-Dec-2012 at 11:52 [Liked: 3]
accounting CPD - is social the answer?
Last week found us at the Accountex conference at Olympia. It was a new event, so we were delighted to find it ...
Posted 29-Nov-2012 at 14:03 [Comments: 3] [Liked: 8]
Work and Energy in Singapore
I have just started a 4 week tour of SE Asia and Australia to explore the market for our online CPD courses, in particular. First stop Singapore. What a commercial hot house. ...
Posted 26-Nov-2012 at 14:12 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 4]
Another bumper night for Nelson Croom at the E-Learning Awards
The champagne corks popped last week - twice - as Nelson Croom won awards in two categories. We won a gold award in the 'Excellence in the production of learning content - not for ...
Posted 12-Nov-2012 at 16:36 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 9]
E-Learning leading the way for publishers
This weekend the Society of Young Publishers (SYP), which I currently chair, held our annual conference which looks to give people who are new or trying to break into the industry the opportunity ...
Posted 05-Nov-2012 at 11:34 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 4]
Spot the mistake?
You are reviewing the 'Market Analysis' course Nelson Croom is developing for you, and you see the following sentence on the homepage:
"This course will help you to understand the...
Posted 02-Nov-2012 at 16:33 [Comments: 3] [Liked: 3]
Team talk
A few months ago, alongside a new season of football, another year of our work Fantasy Football league began.
Each week, those of us involved in the Nelson Croom Cup will take a close...
Posted 29-Oct-2012 at 14:22 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 4]
Create more than a splash
Until a few years ago, if a client had more than one or two courses, we would usually create within our Imago system, a customised splash page where learners could find out how the courses work and ...
Posted 25-Oct-2012 at 13:07 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 5]
How are professional associations harnessing the web
Yesterday I attended Harnessing the Web to Drive Membership Value & Growth, organised by Memberwise. The event was really well attended with over 200 delegates. I know Richard Gott has worked ...
Posted 24-Oct-2012 at 15:04 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 5]
Professional development at its best
I recently completed my first judging of the e-learning awards and it was fascinating. It was quite a commitment. Firstly I had to work with my fellow judges to create a shortlist for two categories. ...
Posted 23-Oct-2012 at 13:43 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Peer-enriched learning for dummies
In preparing for the recent awards presentations, I faced the problem of how to explain the social interaction in our courses and how it creates a learning process. I came up with Peer-enriched Learning ...
Posted 22-Oct-2012 at 13:51 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 1]
Anna Faherty in International Accountant
Ethics and professionalism is a topic ever present in the accounting world and it is great to see author, Anna Faherty asked to talk about the topic in this month's International ...
Posted 18-Oct-2012 at 16:51 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
An interview with Juan Carlos Venegas, author of Becoming an Expert Witness Part 2
Find out more about author Juan Carlos Venegas in the second part of his author interview and don't worry, if you missed the first part it can be found
Posted 18-Oct-2012 at 15:40 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 1]
South African accountants embrace
I am always pleased when a new partner comes on board, but it is really exciting when they take us somewhere we couldn't really have gone before. This week The South African Institute of Chartered ...
Posted 17-Oct-2012 at 12:12 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
New partners
One of our big new publishing initiatives this year is our range of courses for health professionals,  and it’s great to welcome our first two partners. The College of Occupational Therapists ...
Posted 16-Oct-2012 at 16:48 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Social learning brings out the reactionary
It was interesting to see the reaction of the judges to our approach to social learning at this year's awards presentations. We were shortlisted in two categories. One project was Jacqui's and ...
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Accounting & Finance
A full list of finance partners can be found here.
We help a wide range of accounting and finance professionals all...
Posted 16-Oct-2012 at 10:33 [Liked: 4]
Launch of
As we continue in our mission to bring high quality online learning to all professionals we are pleased to announce the launch of
Developed in partnership with PCC (Primary...
Posted 11-Oct-2012 at 12:02 [Comments: 3] [Liked: 8]
What's left to publish this year
As we enter the final quarter of 2012, we are still busy with our publishing programme for the year. It's been a successful year with the courses all being well-received so far - let's hope ...
Posted 11-Oct-2012 at 10:52 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Wiley launch a new initiative
Wiley have been one of our clients since 2005, and we have developed a range of different online learning projects for them. Currently we work with them to develop and deliver Delphi: The ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 15:52 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 3]
And the winner is...
So the judging of the e-learning awards is finished for another year. This is the second time I have acted as a judge, so what's it like? Well firstly, it's quite a lot of work. Overall I've had ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 15:48 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 5]
Let it breathe
If we have something we want to show off or draw attention to, it doesn't make sense to surround it with clutter - detracting from its beauty. Think of an art gallery - you can fully appreciate the ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 15:39 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 7]
Avoiding scandal with good corporate governance
The term "corporate governance" is recognisable to almost everyone because of the many shocking scandals occurring in companies and other organisations across the world, and regularly reported ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 15:33 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 5]
Managing risk in your business
It is difficult, these days, to pick up a newspaper or magazine and not find stories involving serious problems which have suddenly struck particular enterprises.
Whatever the cause you are...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 15:21 [Comments: 3] [Liked: 4]
Practice Management: Building and Growing your Firm
Nelson Croom are pleased to bring you the next online CPD course in our series aimed at helping you build and sustain your professional practice.
The third course in our series of ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 15:01 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 3]
Updated Employment Law course
Nelson Croom has today launched a new edition of our Employment Law course. Employment law changes frequently and we make sure that all changes are incorporated into the course on a regular basis. ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 14:46 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Diabetes course revamp
Nelson Croom work with the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (BDEC) to offer an online programme that supports people with type 1 diabetes in managing their condition. It focuses on ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 14:37 [Liked: 4]
E-Learning Awards again!
On the 8th November we will be getting dressed up in our posh frocks and DJs and heading off to Grosvenor Square for the e-Learning Awards Gala Dinner. We are up for two awards, Best Use of Social ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 14:31 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Health demo
Sign up for a free hour's worth of CPD on an overview of the Care Quality Commission. You'll get 90 days' access from the first time you access the module and once you've completed it you'll ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 14:20 [Liked: 1]
Engaging with ethics
I was recently reminded of an excellent event I attended which was organised by the UK Inter-Professional Group (UKIPG). This is an issue that professional bodies are thinking about more and ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 14:16 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 4]
Chairman of the bored (with apologies to Crass)
Oh no! I think I really am part of the mainstream now.
First we win an award. Not just any award, but the main one for eLearning Development Company of the Year - I may have mentio...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 14:08 [Liked: 2]
SYP - An opportunity through social media
A friend who I met whilst doing my Masters in Publishing at Kingston University recently contacted me about the opportunity to join the committee of the Society of Young Publishers (SYP). The SYP ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 13:35 [Liked: 2]
Launch of Grammar and Effective Writing
Good grammar and writing skills are key communication tools for every professional. Using language incorrectly can undermine your credibility; you might be an expert in your field, but people won't ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 13:26 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 1]
Assessing completion in CPD
With all of the controversy regarding this year's GCSE's I was reminded of a blog I had written on assessing completion in CPD which touched on GCSE's as exams which I though I would share with ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 13:17 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 4]
100 months of registrations
At the end of every month, our online professional development web application, Imago, sends me a message telling me what it's been up to during the month - all sorts of more and less interesting ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 13:01 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 1]
Not so social
As an avid user, and promoter, of Social Media I find myself constantly learning of and trying new things, some fun and useful - Pinterest - some not so - Delicious.  But what has really amazed ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 12:50 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
Social Media: the Golden Goose
When Social Media for Professionals launched I took a look at how the financial world values the world of social media. After looking through my previous blogs for some inspiration on new ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 12:17 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 2]
That'll learn yer
Last year I was asked to write an article for the Solicitors' Journal commenting on the Solicitors Regulation Authorities review of the rules governing solicitors' CPD. Apart from getting side-tracked ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 11:59 [Liked: 1]
Contributions to enrich the learning experience
It's always good to talk to peers, hear their points of view and share experiences.  So, we try to create courses that enable users to do just that, courses that have the flexibility to allow ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 11:48 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 1]
260,023 people can't be wrong!
Yesterday we had 281 new course registrations.  Generally it runs at around 150 and peaks occasionally at 200, so 281 is close to a record.  A promotion by The Institute of Physics ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 11:31 [Liked: 1]
Professionalism and Ethics launches
From the Enron scandal and BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill to MPs expenses and Wiki Leaks, issues of trust, transparency, ethics and corporate social responsibility have never been so high on ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 10:41 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 1]
Should we trust the professionals?
I read an article recently on the Guardian Education blog about a teacher who lost a pupil on the London Underground. I read the article with my other hat on, as Chair of Governors of my local ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 10:30 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
A big change for Imago
Everything thing we do at Nelson Croom is based in our technology system Imago.  Imago is constantly working to ensure every course is accessible, every report works and every learner can ...
Posted 10-Oct-2012 at 10:27 [Liked: 6]
UK at the forefront of web adoption
There have been a couple of stories recently which highlight the importance of the web, particularly in the UK. Both are striking in their own ways, particularly in the positive picture they paint of ...
Posted 08-Oct-2012 at 18:09 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 1]
T-shaped professionals for Engineers Ireland
I've attended a number of events recently which have addressed the question "What is a professional?"  Professional bodies are rightly engaged with this, and it's interesting to see how different ...
Posted 08-Oct-2012 at 18:02 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 2]
Nelson Croom course wins at the annual Kingston University awards
Nelson Croom's Grammar and Effective Writing course has this month won a "Technology enhanced learning" award in the annual Kingston University Learning & Teaching Awards. Congratulations to ...
Posted 08-Oct-2012 at 17:02 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 3]
Succession Planning
There comes a time for every practicing accountant when they have to consider their departure from business life, and wonder if the firm they have built up will have value in someone else's eyes.

Posted 08-Oct-2012 at 16:50 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 3]
Working with Wiley
Nelson Croom has been working with Wiley for many years providing online courses for Wiley staff across the UK, and in 2009 we were asked to build Delphi, a substantial e-learning resource, to house all ...
Posted 08-Oct-2012 at 16:32 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
An interview with Juan Carlos Venegas, author of Becoming an Expert Witness
We recently sat down with our author Juan Carlos Venegas to find out more about him and his views on CPD and e-learning. Find out what he had to say in the first of his two part author interview.

Posted 08-Oct-2012 at 16:03 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 2]
One Plus One makes?
Our current nominations in two categories of the E-Learning Awards made me think of ...
Posted 03-Oct-2012 at 16:42 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 2]
The end of university as we know it?
With the press full of stories this year of universities with spare places, I was reminded that only two years ago I felt moved to write this piece bemoaning the lack of places for some ...
Posted 03-Oct-2012 at 15:55 [Comments: 2] [Liked: 2]
Training: A future for young workers
In today's market it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to get their first job.  From personal experience after my Masters, and that of my friends on the course, more often ...
Posted 03-Oct-2012 at 15:50 [Comments: 1]
Health & Social Care
A full list of healthand social care clients can be found here.
The health sector has been using e-learning ...
Posted 03-Oct-2012 at 15:43 [Liked: 4]
One Plus One = A difference
We're pleased to see our client One Plus One is at the centre of the government's ideas on
Professional Development demo
Sign up today and complete a module for free to receive a CPD certificate as evidence of completion of 1 hour's CPD.
The module on Strategy and You is taken from Thinking Strategically by ...
Posted 01-Oct-2012 at 15:02 [Liked: 2]
Accounting and Finance demo
Sign up today and complete a module for free to receive a CPD certificate as evidence of completion of 1 hour's CPD.
The module on ethical issues in professional relationships is taken from Eth...
Posted 01-Oct-2012 at 14:55 [Liked: 2]
New course: Social Media for Professionals
Nelson Croom has launched a new course aimed at helping professionals use social media more effectively in their work.  Written by Anna Faherty, Social Media for Professionals shows learners ...
Posted 01-Oct-2012 at 14:36 [Comments: 1]
A new course announced
I've recently had a meeting with one of our authors, Robin Tidd, to scope out Robin's next course which he has just begun writing.  The new course is titled The Accountant as Business ...
Posted 01-Oct-2012 at 14:27 [Comments: 1]
Revamped and updated courses
We've just finished updating our series of 3 management courses.  Leadership Skills, Coaching Skills and Managing from Within the Team have all been updated to have a more modern look and feel ...
Posted 01-Oct-2012 at 14:16 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 10]
Learning Technologies
Last week saw Learning Technologies 2011 come to London and once again Nelson Croom were on stand 111.
This year was another successful and busy show for us as we launched
Carrot, stick...or are you just curious?
At Nelson Croom we talk about different online learning designs for different types of learning as a spectrum: 'learning for enlightenment' at one end and 'learning for compliance' at the ...
Posted 01-Oct-2012 at 13:16 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 1]
Nelson Croom wins gold twice at the E-Learning Awards 2010
I originally worte this two years ago, but with a new website and a new blog coinciding with the run up to this year's awards, I couldn't see it disappear, so I am republishing it to relive ...
Posted 25-Sep-2012 at 14:50 [Comments: 1] [Liked: 3]
Professions & Trades
A full list of the professional and trade bodies we work with can be found here.
From market researchers to engineers, fro...
Posted 25-Sep-2012 at 14:31 [Liked: 2]
How socially responsible is your business?
What is a corporation's role in society at large?  What is their 'Corporate Social Responsibility'?  This debate has been raging for some time, most recently focusing on how enterprises ...
Posted 20-Sep-2012 at 10:16 [Liked: 2]
Risk Management update
Our course on Risk Management, written by David Allen has been updated this month.  The final section of the course looks at recent issues and disasters in terms of risk and includes new content ...
Posted 20-Sep-2012 at 10:08 [Liked: 1]
Nelson Croom shortlisted for two E-learning Awards
Nelson Croom has two entries short listed for this year's E-Learning Awards. has been shortlisted ...
Posted 20-Sep-2012 at 10:06 [Comments: 4] [Liked: 14]
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