Every year when accountants are required to set goals and meet their own professional targets, we think it's important that they're not only getting verifiable hours from us but that their CPD will really make a difference to their professional development. 2014 was a busy year for us, making sure that we continued to provide relevant and quality CPD.

The accountancy industry has had an eventful year as companies and organisations started to implement auto-enrolment; reporting standards changed as UK and Ireland GAAP became mandatory; and Employment Law refreshed with flexible working and flexible parental leave. So what courses best summed up our year for accountingcpd.net?

What our learners loved:

Understanding the New UK and Ireland GAAP – This course aimed to make sure accountants were prepared for the biggest change seen to financial reporting in years.

Key Performance Indicators – This practical approach course continually saw itself in the best-sellers list month after month.

Introduction to Financial Modelling – This course was the first in a four-part series on Financial Modelling written by Grant Thornton UK LLP.

What we loved:

Operational Cost Savings and Efficiencies – This course recently launched on accountingcpd.net and is designed to help balance short term cost reductions with longer term needs.

Self-Assessment Tax Tips for Accountants – Tax experts Gabelle helped us launch 4 Tax Tips courses to help accountants understand common pitfalls in tax.

Automatic Enrolment: A Guide for Accountants – Auto-Enrolment began to be introduced in 2014 and this course looked at auto-enrolment from an accountant’s perspective, to give learners what they needed to know about the changes.


With so many courses being launched last year and with plenty more in the pipeline, it looks like 2015 is going to be another exciting year for accountingcpd.net!