I recently attended a progress meeting on our ACCA benchmarker project. We are working with the Research and Insights team to take their research projects and bring them to life for members and the wider public. The idea is that we take the user through the questions that were asked in the research survey and then show them the results. What is neat is that using the content token system we have developed in Imago we can personalise the experience, so that the user gets different content on each screen depending on their answers.

We have been doing this for a while and earlier this year we created a benchmarking tool as part of ACCA's Risk and Reward project. It was very well received at the time and continues to be used enthusiastically. However, these two new benchmarkers will take the project a whole stage further. We are now able to do some really neat things.

Firstly, where we used to display different text on screen depending the user's answer to a question on another screen, we can now display alternative graphics. So we can produce graphs and tables showing the survey results with the userís own opinion indicated, giving a real time report back to the user of how their views stack up against those of the overall population.

Secondly we can move the positioning of some of our existing social features around so as to incorporate, for example, other learners' answers, into a specific part of the screen, rather than just including them in a standard place. This of course lays open the possibility of all sorts of mischievousness, but we will have to contain that impulse!

In these new resources there will be a second part of the experience where the user gets to work through the ACCA view of the findings, but once again this is tailored, depending on what they have previously told us:

Your view of abc was in agreement with the majority of our survey sample but you are more out on a limb in thinking xyz. ACCA's view is that ..... Given your opinion you may find this difficult to put into practice.

The final piece of this jigsaw that makes the project that bit harder is that we have set ourselves the goal of building a set of tools that will enable us to put these together quickly and cheaply in the future. We'll be launching the next two early in the New Year and they will cover Talent Management in the Global Finance Function and ACCA's regular CFO attitudes survey. Watch out though, for more to come next year.