At the recent CPD Forum meeting, I found myself reflecting, appropriately enough. The questions that had been raised was "What methods did people have for encouraging people to complete their CPD.” A conversation I had at a professional body recently came to mind. I was asking what sanctions they had for the non-compliant. I asked whether they would ever publish the names of the recalcitrant.

"There’s no way we could do that.” They replied. "The membership is supportive but there would be uproar if we did that. We would lose stacks of members. And imagine if we made a mistake. But I guess we could.....”

"What?” I said”

"I guess we could publish the names of those that had completed their CPD and filed a declaration.”

What a neat idea...and who could complain? If you don’t like it, submit your return and we’ll add you to the list. But in the meantime here is a list of members who we can say have committed to staying current and competent.