There are numerous situations you encounter for the first time as a teenager or a young adult. You may learn to drive, go on a night out or take a gap year abroad. There can be a lot to think about. So, what if you have to consider your diabetes as well?

The Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (BDEC) recognises that there are certain prevalent issues for young people and it's important for those with diabetes to know how to manage their condition when facing these. Make way for Streetwise! Streetwise is tailored to educate young people with diabetes and covers a range of key topics such as sex, alcohol and travelling. It's an area we're currently developing as part of BDEC's upcoming type 1 diabetes course.

Within each topic there will be three activities for learners to explore: Learn more, What would you do? and Share your experience. Learn more will provide young learners with information produced by BDEC's team of highly-experienced diabetes professionals, to help them understand how to manage their diabetes when facing various issues in their day to day lives. It can be embarrassing to ask about things such as sex, so we’re aiming to provide invaluable advice and support for young people with diabetes.

We've had some insightful feedback regarding what people want from diabetes education. Not everybody with diabetes has the same experience. Learners want to find out about real people with diabetes in real situations, which corresponds nicely with our passion for social learning at Nelson Croom. This feedback has been instrumental in developing our What would you do? and Share your Experience activities as part of the Streetwise area, both of which have an emphasis on encouraging learners to share their knowledge of diabetes in the real world. What would you do? asks young people with diabetes to consider scenarios they may face and Share your experience invites learners to tell their own stories about the topics covered by Streetwise.

Our technology team are busy developing new ways for our learners to not only share their own thoughts but see what others have said and comment on, and reply to, their experiences — learners will be able to form dialogues with each other about their diabetes. We're hoping our brand new features will create an exciting place where young people with diabetes can go to find others with similar (or different) experiences. A place they can support, advise and learn from each other.