Do you prefer the detail or are you more of a big picture person? With e-learning, there isn't a trainer who can get to know the different personalities of the people in a training course in order to pick activities that will suit them, so within our courses we need to offer activities that provide something for everyone.

An example of this is in our use of divergent and convergent focused activities. Big picture people generally prefer to be given a wide brief and few instructions. They just want to get on with it. This kind of learner takes well to activities requiring divergent thinking - they are comfortable with ambiguous, less defined information and guessing its meaning. To suit this learner type we create activities that ask them to look at a situation or issue and open it up, to use their imagination and come up with new possibilities.

If you are more of a detail person, you will likely prefer to be given specific instructions or have a more focused brief than 'top down' people. There is a preference for clear and concrete information and a dislike of guessing when facts aren't clear. For this preference we create activities that require a more structured application of knowledge where the learner needs to use convergent thinking. For example, we might present a practical scenario or case study and ask them to decide what they would do in that situation, or provide a solution in a more structured way than would be expected in a divergent activity.

I'm glad people have these different preferences, as it would be a lot less interesting for those of us creating the courses if we only did things one way - we're as different as the learners out there!