The judging process for the elearning awards is now complete and I was lucky enough be a judge in two of the categories. This is something I have done for several years now and it is a fantastic way of keeping up to date with what people are doing. Focused as we are on CPD, it feels good to be spending some serious time on my own, while giving something back to the industry at the same time.

Anyway, here, with a very serious warning to any entrants not to read anything into what I say with regard to who has won, are my top five tips from this year (with an extra bonus one):

  1. Where there is a social element in learning resources, people love the element of competition. Which teamís posting got the highest peer rating? What was selected for broader exposure? etc etc
  2. I have often argued that while video may seem to bring things to life, it leaves the learner watching passively rather than being actively involved. But whatever the rights and wrongs of using different media to help people learn, I canít argue with one entrant this year who said that they had repeatedly seen open rates for promotional e-mails three times higher when they mentioned video
  3. Sticking on marketing, two organisations cited much higher open rates for app push notifications than traditional e-mails
  4. That said, you must always use the most appropriate media. When designing a learning resource for use by people working in the most challenging parts of the developing world, one entrant came up with a creative and successful use of interactive PDFs
  5. Getting students to be responsible for their own learning is critical. But sometimes teachers - the very people who should encourage people to learn in the most effective way - are resistant to the loss of control
  6. Finally, and I canít say anything more about this one for fear of giving something away, sometimes one really cool idea is enough

My lips are now sealed until 25th November when the results will be revealed. Congratulations to all the entrants. I was particularly struck this year by the high standard in both my categories.