I sometimes think that we can all get a bit complacent about what we choose to do for a living and about the learning required to stay at the top of our respective careers.

Also, working with clients from many different industries exposes me to little nuggets of knowledge specific to those industries and, whilst some are (forgive me) instantly forgettable once the project is completed, others can leave a lasting impression. None more so than the work weíve been doing with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

Here in the UK, diabetes education is more readily available than in some parts of the world. The IDF plays a key role in providing these educational resources across the globe, which need to work for the wide range of people, roles and geographical regions affected by diabetes.

Back in November we launched the first of a series of modules, aimed at educating these healthcare professionals about diabetes, how to diagnose it and more. So how has An Introduction to Diabetes gone down in its first three months?

Well, 748 people have so far registered for the module, many of them nurses, dieticians and even diabetes education specialists. At the start of the module each user is asked to rate themselves on their confidence across a number of areas, including identifying diabetes & diagnosis; understanding of the basic pathophysiology of diabetes; and advising patients. Most start off feeling not very or only slightly confident (which is why they are taking the course) but when asked the same question at the end, 95% of learners say they now feel confident or very confident across all the areas.

That humbles me, to think that an online CPD course can have such a potentially profound effect on the confidence and capability of healthcare professionals around the world to better diagnose and help those with diabetes. It also shows how important continuous professional development is and the impact it can have on a professionalís confidence.

None of us are so good at our jobs that we donít all need a bit of extra learning help at times.

Module two, An Overview of Diabetes Management, is due out in the next few weeks...