Staying up to date with new thinking is important to's success, which is why our publishing team hunt out the best authors and the hot topics to develop into engaging and informative courses. Agile SCRUM Project Management is such a course and launched this week.

Project management has become such a big topic in business; it is no longer the domain of IT departments. They paved the way with platforms and techniques such as Microsoft Project and now these techniques are more accessible than ever to all. Agile SCRUM project management actually draws it roots from the 1980s and was refined for the IT industry in the 1990s but with the recent focus for delivering projects in ever quicker timescales it has grown to be seen as an essential tool of our time.

Possibly the biggest advance since Microsoft Project, Agile SCRUM breaks a project down into regular successful small-step improvements and regards 'real world' events as part of the project, rather than unexpected changes in the process.'s new course takes accounting professionals on a journey through Agile SCRUM covering:

  • What Agile SCRUM is and its key principles

  • How to use it to organise a, including the responsibilities of the project owner and the SCRUM master and the processes involved

  • Justifying the need for the project, planning timescales and costs

  • Managing quality, risk and change in a SCRUM-managed project

  • The potential mistakes and pitfalls to be aware of

Agile SCRUM Project Management sits in's suite of project management courses, which includes some of our best-sellers. We're confident that this new course will join the bestselling list.

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