This is definitely something I have said before ... but we all have a hobby horse right? Luckily mine ties in nicely with my working role as an online editor here at Nelson Croom.

Just lately I have been working on what feels like about 20 different courses at once, on varied and diverse topics ranging from energy management to data protection and developing your career. And I have been interested and surprised by them all and have learnt something new from each one.

You would imagine that someone who develops online learning for a living might know everything there is to know about popular topics like time management or sales skills, but each time an author or a client puts a fresh perspective on it you always see some aspect in a new way or from a different angle and you go 'Oh, now I get it'. And you feel enthusiasm to share that new awareness with learners and inspire someone else's 'Eureka moment'.

I think this just reinforces how important it is to allow online learning to be as social as possible. We all have so much to learn from fellow professionals, and our peer's passion to share their knowledge and experience. Each person has the potential to add something different and unexpected to a conversation. Let's keep talking!