The new GAAP has now come into force and everyone in the UK and Ireland is having to decide which framework to adopt. But what exactly does that mean for the professionals working with it? Last year we published a series of courses and a 21-hour programme covering the top level of why GAAP was changing, what the changes meant and how to manage the transition. But, now the reality has hit, accounting professionals need help with the more practical aspects of working within the new GAAP.

Our new FRS 102 series addresses all the questions and concerns professionals may have, taking them through choosing between the different framework options (FRS 102, FRS 101 and full IFRS), then focusing on what is expected to be the most commonly chosen framework FRS 102.

Author Lincoln Miles, shows learners how adopting FRS 102 will change the numbers they report at the end of their financial year. The third course covers what policies accountants need to consider and set up within the organisation in the light of the reduced regulatory style of FRS 102 and course number four looks at the impact of adopting FRS 102 on the organisation's systems and data.

Working with Lincoln on this series has been fantastic; an experienced financial reporting trainer himself, Lincoln has worked with Nelson Croom to create four courses that are interactive and informative. He even features in video clips throughout each course, asking thought provoking questions so that finance professionals can usefully consider how best to make decisions on using FRS 102 within their own organisation.

To learn more about the FRS 102 series visit the website or contact us to find out more about offering the series to your members.