A few months ago, alongside a new season of football, another year of our work Fantasy Football league began.

Each week, those of us involved in the Nelson Croom Cup will take a close look at the particular set of upcoming fixtures to try and see if we can improve our team and decide which players are likely to give us the best return.

Is it best to spread the talent throughout the team, or go for a few star players? Do you need a maverick new signing or is what you've got already good enough to get you the points? Will you load up your defence or go all out attack? What formation will you need?

In a way it's similar to creating a new course using our system. We go through a thorough initial scoping process to find out who the prospective users will be and what kind of information the course will be based on. Will the course need a lot of detailed content up front, or will the value of the learning come from people sharing their experiences and professional knowledge? Will we need to develop an innovative, bespoke piece of functionality, or can we use use a combination of the various things Imago can already do? Will we use mostly practical activities, mostly more reflective ones, or a mix of both? What sort of structure or layout will we need for the course?

As Nelson Croom's development manager, it's my job to organise the development team to ensure that we combine the various skillsets and specialities of our staff, and the functionalities of our system, in order to create courses that meet the different needs of our clients. On the other hand, as current proud holder of the Nelson Croom Cup, it's just my job to fend off all challengers and pretenders.