Every year accountants from all over the world complete their CPD and is where they come to do it. brings together professional bodies, acclaimed authors and the development expertise of Nelson Croom, to offer a wide range of technical and professional skills online CPD courses for accountants. Its CPD that really make you think.

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  • Over 20,000 accountants have benefited from's courses
  • 98% would recommend the courses to colleagues
  • 99% said the courses met their CPD needs
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The goal

Every accountant must complete a set amount of CPD each year. The rules are set by their professional body, but the individual chooses what they think will best develop them and keep them up to date. Many find it difficult to fit training days and conferences around a full time job and personal life. set out to provide the best and most flexible solution for accountants to complete their annual CPD, by offering it online. We wanted to create high quality, stimulating and challenging online courses that really make the user think.

"We saw a real opportunity to help. Accountants were poorly served by CPD providers, who were doing little more than providing recordings of live events. We knew that if we used everything we had learned we could create something much more compelling. It was exciting too, because we took a big gamble with our own resources and it paid off. So we can show that we practise what we preach."

Alan Nelson, MD Nelson Croom

The brief

We knew that the online learning offered to accountants wasn't good enough. If accountants are to develop, improve their practice and stay up to date, in the way they want to, some low res video recordings of a face to face event or a tedious talking head reading what's on the powerpoint wasn't going to cut it.

To provide accountants with quality online CPD we needed the best content, a wide range of topics and, most importantly, a flexible, stimulating and effective approach to learning.

We wanted to help accountants stay up to date, and to progress in their careers, by providing really engaging professional development. Research showed that professionals liked to learn from each other, as well as from experts, so our online solution set out to do that.

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Our solution

"I detest completing 'CPD' courses for the sake of building my hours but for once I feel like I have completed something stimulating and of real value." learner

Combining our e-learning experience with our background as publishers, we created a vast range of online CPD courses designed specifically for accountants over 500 hours of CPD.

We used our award winning Peer-Enriched Learning approach to these online CPD courses. This enables users to share their thoughts, experience and answers with others allowing them to learn from peers as well as the experts. Scenarios encourage accountants to practice and apply what they've learned and a range of apply activities help them use what they have learned to their work.

All learning is recorded and certificates issues as milestones are reached, making it easy for accountants to track their CPD and evidence it, when required by their professional body.

"The whole method of presentation is great. I loved the interaction. I feel I put a lot more effort into learning." learner

"Wow - what a lot of thinking. It made me think that there is much that I should be doing in my business." learner

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