Nelson Croom Blog

  1. What I have learned facilitating ACCA learning pathways

    As facilitator of the new ACCA learning pathways, I've been reflecting on the first weeks and how the pathways have been progressing.

  2. Content Curation Enables us to Focus on the Learner

    Our new ACCA learning pathways feel like quite a departure for us, but in fact they represent a progression along a path we have been following...

  3. Learning pathways

    We are currently creating a new approach to online learning, focusing on helping professional learners to achieve a specific career development...

  4. Money laundering - the fight goes on - doesn't it?

    A blog post from an accountingcpd author, John Taylor, on why money laundering is still an issue.

  5. Just One Bad Apple(s)

    A year ago most consumers would have fully trusted two major brands VW and Tesco. How in a short time things change! Tesco and their `Every...

  6. Are you a professional sceptic?