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  1. How has CPD changed over the last 10 years

    Jacqui Nelson

    How far has CPD come in the last 10 years and, perhaps more importantly, how far it has yet to go?

  2. Using mid year reflection to plan your CPD

    Heather Dandridge

    We help professionals complete their CPD each year, so we know a thing or two about setting CPD goals and seeing them through.

  3. Helping the world adopt IPSAS

    Alan Nelson

    Accounting, Accounting and finance, Case Studies, CPD, E-Learning, Learning and Development, New Course, Online Learning, Professional development,...

  4. Increasing an accountant's project management agility

    Rachel Bruce

    What's new, New course, CPD, E-Learning, Online Learning, Learning design, Learning and development, Professional development

  5. 2014 for

    Heather Dandridge

    CPD, What's New, New course, Learning and development, Online Learning, Professional development

  6. Home grown CPD in Genoa

    David Croom

    Learning and development, Learning design, Online Learning