Nelson Croom Blog

  1. Creating an online space for teenagers with diabetes to share and learn

    Sophie Talbot

    BDEC recognises that there are certain prevalent issues for young people with diabetes. Make way for Streetwise! Streetwise is tailored to educate...

  2. Completing your CPD: Input vs Output methods

    Heather Dandridge

    Recently PARN released their latest research, CPD Consortium Project: Interim Findings. We've taken a look at what they've found and created...

  3. Learning pathways

    Katy Hillary

    We are currently creating a new approach to online learning, focusing on helping professional learners to achieve a specific career development...

  4. Ethics: a CPD blind spot?

    Heather Dandridge

    I recently had a meeting with PARN to discuss the early findings of their CPD Consortium Project. We spoke about ethics and whether or not we...

  5. How learning can really make a difference

    Nicola Dann

    Learn how popular our latest course for the International Diabetes Federation has proved to be since its launch.

  6. New PCC e-learning courses focus on skills for managing change

    Jacqui Nelson

    PCC launches six new elearning courses on managing change, provided by Nelson Croom.