Nelson Croom News

  1. CPA Diploma in IFRS Financial Reporting launches

    This week sees the launch of our new CPA Diploma in IFRS Financial Reporting, published in collaboration with CPA Ireland. What’s more, the first learners have already enrolled! Find out more at

  2. Webinar: Working in accounting and finance teams

    A great response yesterday to Lisa Weaver's webinar, delivered as part of's Performance Management and Leadership 20 week pathway. Lots of learners, questions and discussion. Find out more about our pathways.

  3. Developing CPD for the future in Ireland

    Alan has been in Dublin this week, meeting with our Irish partners. 2016 was a great year for Nelson Croom and partners in Ireland and we've got big plans for 2017. Watch this space for more news.

  4. New round of ACCA Learning Pathways - now enrolling

    We're delighted to be launching a new intake of the ACCA Learning Pathways. In March we'll start each of the four pathways, designed to help accountants develop their professional skills to go alongside their technical ones. The first two rounds of pathways have been a great success and user feedback has been very positive. More to follow on that. You can find out more here.

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