Nelson Croom News

  1. New Person: Kat Lotz

    We are delighted to welcome our newest member of staff Kat Lotz. Kat used to be a freelancer and is now our Junior Front-end Developer, who will have her hands full putting our long list of new ideas into effect. In her free time, Kat enjoys reading, watching films, and spending time with her dog, Joey.

  2. Accountingcpd is now taking payments in Euros

    Yesterday accountingcpd took the plunge and started to accept payments in Euros as well as GBP. This is the first step in making accountingcpd even more accessible to finance professionals around the world. We hope our friends in the Eurozone will enjoy this new upgrade!

  3. Goodbye to Isaac

    We are sad today to say goodbye to our designer, Isaac, who is heading off back to Canada. Isaac has done some great work in the last two years, but he will be remembered most for the fantastic Bertie diabetes site. Thanks Isaac!

  4. Alan visits Accounting Technicians Ireland

    Alan is in Dublin today meeting with old friends Accounting Technicians Ireland to discuss how best to support their members in completing their CPD.

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