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One Plus One identified a lack confidence in front line workers when dealing with relationship issues. One Plus One selected Nelson Croom to develop a series of online learning modules to boost the confidence of this group by providing the knowledge and skills required to help couples in times of difficulty, and particularly at the ‘turned to’ moment.


  • 83% of learners felt confident or very confident after programme compared to just 34% before
  • 91% were well-informed after completing the programme compared to 45% before
  • 86% said they were ready to deal with clients distressed about their relationship compared to 45% before
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The client

One Plus One is a research based charity that helps couples with relationship issues. They use research to help them deliver high-quality, evidence-based training for both professionals and families. They know that the quality of initial response, at the point when a person turns to a professional for help with their relationship, can have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome for that relationship.

"The models help me as a practitioner to think about where the couple may be in the stage of their relationship and consider what events maybe adding to their difficulties. It has now equipped me with the tools to assist them more, by allowing them to think for themselves what is happening in the relationship. I think the models are very good visual tools for families and practitioners which may aid explanation.”

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The brief

We needed to develop accessible online learning that not only filled knowledge gaps and developed new skills but, most importantly, changed attitudes and made the learners more confident to deal with what is a difficult issue.

The online learning needed to cater for a diverse learner community who were short on time, and for whom the topic wasn’t their primary cause of concern.

"I found this elearning module easy, fun, interesting and non- threatening to use, packed full of great information, tools and guidance for couples in relationships.”

One Plus One learner
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Our solution

We developed a series of modules, starting with Understanding Couple Relationships: an introduction. The modules combined online tutorials with practical tools and a resource centre with further information.

We used scenario-based activities and real life situations to get learners to practise, in a ‘safe’ environment, their responses to situations. This is how we built their confidence. Learners could also use and download a range of support tools, developed off the back of research findings. Learners were also encouraged to share with their peers how they used these tools with clients and what the outcomes where, so others could do that too.

"Brief Encounters® has been evaluated, including a randomized controlled trial, so its effectiveness is assured and established. But in today’s time-limited, cash-strapped environment we needed to explore how this excellent training could be converted into an e-learning format; to ensure that it continued to be accessible to the growing numbers of frontline practitioners who are working with families in the early years – the time when relationship support is most effective.

In developing an e-learning format we sought genuine collaboration – it mattered to us and to the quality of the e-learning – that our tried, tested and trusted approach to developing the knowledge and skills of frontline practitioners could be transferred successfully and effectively to an e-learning format.

In Nelson Croom we have found the perfect partner for this venture and we are delighted with the results!”

Penny Mansfield, Director, One Plus One
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