• alan


    Founder and Managing Director

    As MD of the company I get involved in all of our activities. I am particularly excited about the opportunities social tools provide for creating collaborative learning experiences. I am a publisher by background and so I keep a close eye on our range of CPD courses, but whether we develop something for sale or to meet a clientís needs I always try to focus on the end user.

    I am a past director of the eLearning Network and a frequent judge of the annual eLearning Awards. I am Chair of the ICAEW Practice Assurance Committee and was for some years a member of the ACCA SME Committee.

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  • rachel



    As Publisher at Nelson Croom, I am responsible for shaping and then delivering our publishing programme. I research the market so I can make informed publishing decisions about the areas we should focus on. I then seek out authors who are experts in their field and commission them to write content in response to the needs of the market, our partners, and our learners.

    I am also a guest lecturer at Kingston University on their MA in Publishing where I regularly introduce their students to the processes involved in managing a publishing project.

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  • nicola


    Account Manager

    I work as the Project Manager on all Nelson Croom's bespoke projects. As our bespoke projects involve creating online courses for a wide and diverse range of clients and subjects, I now have a little knowledge about a lot of things! I think it is this diversity of subjects that has kept me interested in the work for so long as there's always something fascinating I learn from every project we work on.

    I now work from home in North Yorkshire for the majority of the time, with at least fortnightly visits to London so I can still meet face to face with clients as required. Outside of work I spend most of my time riding and competing my horse, Grace.

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  • crispin


    Development Manager

    As development manager at Nelson Croom I organise the development team to ensure that all our courses are created to the highest possible standards. I do everything I can to make sure the courses address the specific needs of the clients' user base; I want every Nelson Croom course to be truly relevant and properly adapted to the people using them.

    I'm always keen to pursue any possibilities and innovations within courses that will improve the flexibility, usability and customisability of our platform, Imago.

    I have a digital, editorial and educational background, having worked in the past at various online magazines, at Penguin, and as a qualified English Instructor.

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  • tony


    Technical Director

    As Technical Director for Nelson Croom I work away at the continuous adaptation and development of our technological capabilities to better support the needs of both our clients and learners. You might think that after 15 years of developing our Imago system, life would have become routine. In fact, the pace of change continues to increase and weíve always got a whole pot full of ideas for new features and facilities that Iím looking forward to tackling.

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  • jacqui


    Marketing Director

    During my time at Nelson Croom I've managed projects, written and built programmes, promoted our services, you name it. In my current role, as Marketing Director, I focus on our online marketing particularly for our flagship site, www.accountingcpd.net.

    Outside of work, my time is taken up with two children and their wide and varied social life. Iím a director of a Multi-Academy Trust of schools, which has given me really useful insights into the parallels (and differences) between adult and children's learning.

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  • heather


    Marketing Manager

    Since joining Nelson Croom I have taken responsibility for our website www.accountingcpd.net. I do everything from general upkeep of the website to shouting about it on Twitter. I work hard at setting up courses, writing blogs and keeping accountants happy.

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  • anna


    Customer Service and Marketing Executive

    As Customer Service and Marketing Assistant at Nelson Croom, I help keep accountingcpd.net customers happy and facilitate the learning pathways. I have a degree in English and Publishing and am excited to put what I have learnt to use in the marketing team.

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  • david


    Founder and Chairman

    As Chairman of Nelson Croom I work with Alan on the strategy and direction of the organisation, as well as chairing our board meetings and managing our shareholders.

    The inspiration for Nelson Croom came whilst doing mediaeval history at Bristol University in the late 1990s. As a publisher for 30 years, I was intrigued by studying history online and that started me thinking about the wider potential for online learning.

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  • hamish


    Web Designer

    I'm a web designer at Nelson Croom. I create and build the interactive graphics and other graphical elements that appear within our courses. I'm also involved in coming up with design ideas to keep our courses and websites looking fresh, and enhance our learners' experience.

    If you see something you don't like the look of, someone else must have done it.

    Outside of work, I have a keen interest in street art and tee shirt design.

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  • sophie


    Online Learning Editor

    As an online learning editor and part of the development team at Nelson Croom, I work on shaping content and building courses. I love working across a wide range of subjects Ė learning new things as I go Ė and seeing a course develop from start to finish.

    I have previously worked in administrative and editorial roles in publishing. In my spare time I write theatre reviews for an online culture magazine.


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  • katy


    Online Learning Developer

    I have filled lots of roles within Nelson Croom, getting involved in marketing, sales, project management, and the design and editing of our courses. Currently I focus mainly on developing the learning experience, turning content from clients and authors into effective online courses. Each new topic is also a learning experience for me and makes this role interesting and diverse.

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  • sam


    Project Manager

    I work as the Project Manager and my job is to make sure that things get done. I sit as a bridge between the technical and the not-quite-so-technical teams in the office. I take on all new developments and requests for developments and put the steps in place to make sure they happen in time to make both our clients and tech team happy.

    In my spare time I like wandering around art galleries and thoroughly enjoy being a bit of a know it all.

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  • Kasia


    Front-End Developer

    As Front end Developer, I work together with our publishing, editorial, design and marketing teams to make sure our websites are user friendly. I enjoy solving technical problems and working on developing our sites and courses to make sure they continue providing the best user experience. I have previously worked in animation and graphic design.

    Outside of work, I collect rare books. My favourite is the leather cloth box set of A Song of Ice and Fire, which includes beautiful illustrations and maps.

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  • Sachiko


    Customer Service and Marketing Assistant

    I help keep accountingcpd.net customers happy and assist the marketing team. I have a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and I love learning new things. In my spare time, I enjoy practising my Spanish, dancing and writing poems.

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