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What is Imago made up of?

Imago is made up of four components:

Imago learning environment includes powerful functionality for creating and delivering learning activities such as Q&As, scenarios with shared answers between learners, practical exercises and quizzes and assessments.

Imago manager is where you monitor and manage learners. A broad range of reports are available as standard on aggregated learning data, and there are individual learner dashboards tracking everything a learner does, where they go and how long they spend in the course.

Imago communicator helps you communicate with your learners, moderate forums, support, provide feedback, grade and comment on assignments.

Imago editor enables clients to make changes to content and to create new courses and resources themselves.

The technology behind Imago

The user interface is provided by pages delivered to a Web browser (HTML, with extensive use of CCS and JavaScript/AJAX within the pages).

All pages delivered to users are dynamically compiled, via templates hosted in the Cloud. The templates generate the basic page framework, and populate the framework by accessing content from a SQL Server database.

A Microsoft SQL Server database provides the back end of the system and holds all content, user records and logs, etc. Data is held in approximately 80 tables, accessed and managed via approximately 1,500 stored procedures.

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