Every year accountants from all over the world are required to complete CPD. We knew that the online learning offered to accountants to fulfil their CPD wasnít good enough. We wanted to provide a flexible solution for accountants that was high quality, stimulating and challenging. We wanted to create online CPD that really makes you think.

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One Plus One

Research shows that, when a couple has relationship issues they are unlikely to seek out relationship specialists for help, but will turn to a front line worker (health visitor, social worker, nurse) with whom they already have a relationship. But, as One Plus One identified, front line workers often donít feel equipped to deal with relationship issues at the Ďturned to momentí.

Find out how this award winning e-learning addressed this important issue.

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Raising awareness of Adult Autism

Most people associate autism with children. But autism affects adults too. The British Psychological Society (BPS) wanted to help their members to better understand how to help adults with autism, ultimately improving outcomes for patients. The BPS chose Nelson Croom to develop a series of three modules aimed at improving awareness of autism with psychologists.

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