Nelson Croom Blog

  1. How has CPD changed over the last 10 years

    How far has CPD come in the last 10 years and, perhaps more importantly, how far it has yet to go?

  2. How to structure a presentation: lessons from Hollywood by Anna Faherty

    Tips on how to structure a presentation, taken from a new online CPD course.

  3. What I have learned facilitating ACCA learning pathways

    As facilitator of the new ACCA learning pathways, I've been reflecting on the first weeks and how the pathways have been progressing.

  4. Using mid year reflection to plan your CPD

    We help professionals complete their CPD each year, so we know a thing or two about setting CPD goals and seeing them through.

  5. Learning about our learners

    Recently we visited a focus group of learners using our courses. It was an exciting opportunity to find out what learners had to say.

  6. Content Curation Enables us to Focus on the Learner

    Our new ACCA learning pathways feel like quite a departure for us, but in fact they represent a progression along a path we have been following...